Kids Taekwondo Classes this evening at Next Generation Martial Arts in Thibodaux!

It was a big change for us when we decided to add Jason Derouen’s kids taekwondo classes to our facility. Taking on a new program brought unforeseen challenges that needed to be figured out. One of which was constructing a belting timeline for parent’s to see a structured path to black belt. (Be on the lookout for this chart after New Years.) Another was figuring out, “what do we want our kids to learn at Next Generation Taekwondo?” Between Jason and Scotty’s experiences, they understand the need for realistic striking that is not just for show or demonstrations. They wanted to build a striking program that: 1. keeps children safe while developing self defense skills, 2. transitions into mixed martial arts easily, and 3. still be competitive in taekwondo competitions. All in all we are happy with the progress we’ve made in last few months and will continue to improve our class structure. We also plan to build an online data base for kids to access if they wish to practice at home.

Thank you all for making 2023 a success.

We are looking forward to 2024!!!!

12.21.23 Next Generation Martial Arts class schedule

– 12:00pm Adult Jiu Jitsu class (gi)

– 4:30pm Little Kids Taekwondo

– 5:30pm Big Kids Taekwondo

– 6:30pm Adult Nogi Grappling

Upcoming Dates

– Sat, Dec. 23rd – Tue, Jan 2nd academy is closed for holiday

– Fri, Dec. 29th Instructor training (purple belts on up invited)

– Mon, Jan 8th Kid Jiu Jitsu promotions

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